Utah Home Inspections

Mold & Meth Testing

Schedule mold and meth testing in your Utah home.

A mold problem can be a sign that your potential home has a moisture issue or had a leak in the past that was not repaired properly. Mold can expose your family to serious health hazards, so schedule mold testing with InspectUp Home Inspections to make sure your home is not at risk. We’ll take air samples from the inside and outside of your home to check for mold spores.

If you’re thinking about buying a home in Utah and suspect that it might have a mold problem, call us today.
A NACHI and AHIT-trained home inspector will follow industry standards to uncover any mold issues.

Is Your Home The Site Of A Former Meth Lab?

Did you know that meth decontamination could cost up to $20,000? If your potential home is the site of a former meth lab, it could be an expensive recovery process. Unfortunately, the Utah market sees many homes that were previously used as meth labs. Exposing your family to these chemicals could be devastating, especially if you have young children. Meth testing works the same way as mold testing:

  • We’ll take swabs of the surfaces in many locations around your home.
  • The swabs are sent to a lab for testing.
  • Once we receive the results, you’ll know for sure whether your potential home will require meth decontamination.

Each Meth test can test up to 2,000 square feet – if you want more areas tested it is just $75 for each additional area.
Call today to schedule meth testing for your home.